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About Us | Philosophy・Concept・Outline


To pursue the creation of new value and contribute to the creation of a vibrant society as a partner supporting DENSO.


Have a spirit of challenge

Global trends, including electrification, autonomated driving, connected technologies, AI, and the IoT, are changing dramatically.We will continue to push innovations in technologies and skills so that we can respond quickly to changes in these fields and meet customer needs.

  • Pushing toward unreached higher dimensions with cohesiveness

    To always share the latest information and overcome difficulties as a whole

  • Uninterrupted succession of thought

    To steadily develop the ideas of manufacturing continuously passed down

  • The start of a new era pioneered by new challenges

    To take on challenges in new fields without limitations to previously explored areas of business

  • Play a role in creating a bright future

    To accurately grasp the needs of customers and respond quickly and flexibly


Background of foundation
In 1949, at the same time Nippon DENSO Corporation (today known as DENSO Corporation) was established, its major member companies had various meetings and workshops to communicate with Nippon DENSO Corporation. In 1955, two subcommittees—Cutting and Press—were founded, aiming for enhancing technical strength and competitiveness through mutual research activities. In 1959, the two subcommittees were integrated and turned into DENSO Cooperative Association, the precursor of the present DENSO HISHO-KAI.
Established as “DENSO Cooperative Association”
93 companies
※Component subcommittee: 71 companies ーProducts and components
 Facility/die subcommittee: 22 companiesーSpecialized machineries, dies, jigs, tools, and etc.

About Us