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Foundation to the 70s

Japan built on postwar reconstruction with the special procurement boom from the Korean War, which began in 1950. Japan approached a period of high economic growth in the second half of the 1950s. During this era of rapid economic growth, DENSO in 1959 founded the DENSO Cooperative Association, the precursor to the present DENSO HISHOKAI. Together with partner companies, a system to support DENSO was established. Each company contributed to the promotion and rationalization of management improvement as a partner in support of DENSO. As a result, the association made great strides forward, receiving the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency award in 1963 and so on.

In the face of dollar and oil shocks with international competition due to the liberalization of capital, it further promoted the rationalization of management efficiency and improvements in technology levels.

In 1957
Founded cutting and press sections.
In 1959
Founded DENSO Cooperative Association, the precursor of the present DENSO HISHO-KAI.
In 1963
Received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency award for promoting management improvements.
In 1964
Formed an EU observation group and visited Robert Bosch GmbH and so on for inspection.
In 1972
Concluded the agreement on pollution prevention between Nippon DENSO Corporation (today known as DENSO Corporation) and its member companies.
Started the Skills Competition.
In 1974
Held the Business seminar.
In 1974
Held the Business workshop seminar and Management workshop.
In 1977
Established the QC, Productivity improvement, and Labor research society as a positive mutual self-research activity.
Estabilished the Safety, Health, and Environment society under the guidance of the Aichi Labour Bureau.

From the 80s to the 90s

As automakers made their advance into the US market, Japan became the country with the world’s largest trade surplus in the early 1980s due to the rapid increase in exports to the US. As the Japanese Yen became more established and following the tendency of the era toward internationalization, the association responded to sudden environmental changes such as the progress of technological innovations.

By setting up various seminars and training sessions aimed at improvements in business, production technology, management supervision and so on, it promoted building a foundation aimed at a sound corporate constitution.

In 1980
Received the Minister of Labour group award as an organization with outstanding safety.
Established the Energy Saving Research Society.
In 1982
Received the Quality Control award from Nippon Denso for the first time.
In 1984
Due to the automotive manufacturers’ advance into the US market, visited Toyota Motor US for inspection.
In 1985
Established the Business Improvement Research Society.
In 1988
Established the Production Engineering Research Society.
In 1994
Established the Supervisor Training Camp.

From the 2000s to the present

Beginning in the 2000s, the market in the automobile industry saw the main battlefield begin shifting from developed countries to BRICS and other emerging economies. At DENSO in 2000, the association’s name was changed from DENSO Cooperation Association to DENSO HISHOKAI Association. As a countermeasure to the environmental problems that were discussed globally in the 1990s, the association began technological innovations such as the development of environmentally friendly cars.

Taking on the challenge of improving product performance and environmental protections, the association continues to meet the demands of the times through the partner companies working together.

In 2000
Changed the name from DENSO Cooperative Association to DENSO HISHO-KAI, with the hope of leaping into and taking on new challenges in the new generation.
In 2001
Established the Quality Research Society and the Cost Research Society.
In 2002
Started activities to acquire ISO9001 and 14001 certification for all member companies.
In 2003
Established the Global Regional Research Society.
In 2004
Established the Technical Training System.
In 2007
Established the Young Management Society.
In 2011
Established the Developing Countries Research Society.
In 2013
Established the Automatic Inspection Research Society.

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